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Textile microfibre pollution found in the Antarctic

All samples contained one or more fibres identified as cellulose. In many samples, these formed the majority of fibres present. According to the report, two sources of microplastic fibres in the ocean are likely to be used in textiles and fishing nets. Synthetic fibres, especially polyester, are widely used in textile products. Around 60% of the material currently used in clothing is polyester, much of it in short life fast fashion items of clothing. The activist group says the fashion industry plans to nearly double its annual use of polyester by up to 76m tonnes annually by 2030. "Our analysis provides valuable new information to deepen our understanding about the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans – and emphasises why we need urgent action to tackle the problem at source, in order to protect our oceans and marine life," Greenpeace says in its report. "That means taking action on land and at sea to protect our ocean. Across the world, we need to stop the flow of plastic into the ocean by calling on companies to reduce the amount of plastic being produced and urging governments to introduce measures that can help end the era of single-use plastic." The discovery of microfibres in oceans has become a global issue, with a number of countries putting strategies into place to tackle the problem.  Earlier this year, the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and social enterprise Searious Business  launched an online tool to help companies measure their plastic emissions and receive recommendations on lowering their impact.

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